Shooting Range

What You’ll Find at Our Indoor Range

Shooting range access / Competitions

We love helping new guests make memorable experiences at our range, which is why we offer walk-in shooting lane access so that you can enjoy the range for one hour at a time. Of course, if you come often, you’ll enjoy significant savings by signing up for a membership for all-day shooting time.

Our Range also allows for the option of competition shooting. Ask us about signing up to shoot USPSA Matches on Monday nights!

Firearm rentals:

Don’t have a firearm? Not a problem. When you walk into our center, just let us know you’d like to request a firearm rental. We’d be happy to go over the best type of firearm for your needs from among our extensive rental inventory. Some guests also choose to rent a firearm they’re interested in to decide whether they’d like to buy one for themselves.

Retail Salesfloor:

After your range time, stop by our retail store, where we have hundreds of firearms from today’s top manufacturers on display. Along with a large firearm inventory, you’ll also find all the ammunition, cases and accessories you need for an exceptional shooting experience.

Firearms training:

Whether you’re new to the world of shooting sports or want to hone your skills in certain situations, nothing beats learning with a seasoned pro and a classroom full of people just like you. Sign up for one or more of our firearms training courses to learn how to shoot, prepare for real-world situations or even build your own rifle.


As you shoot at the bullseyes in our shooting range, you might discover that your firearm isn’t working quite as smoothly as it once did. Simply submit a gunsmith work order to get a good-as-new firearm that exceeds your expectations.


Event spaces:

Impress an important client with an hour at the shooting range, or bring a whole group of friends and family for an unforgettable event. You can do it all with a combination of our shooting lanes, VIP lounge and classroom which we’ll prepare especially for you before your group’s arrival.